Photo Credit: Source - US. Army Corps of Engineers - Nashville District -
Wolf Creek Dam ADAS
Russell County, KY

The USACE contracted with URS to design, install and operate an ADAS to automate more than 80 piezometers on the downstream embankment and on the upstream work platform of the dam.

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Project Details

URS worked with Nashville District engineers and ACE-IT staff to integrate the Wolf Creek ADAS data with the Nashvville District’s WinIDP system.

All ADAS instrument readings are collected by a host PC located in the dam’s powerhouse. A local FTP server provides remote transfer of daily data files to both the Nashville District office and the URS St. Louis office, where data is loaded into the USACE WinIDP database. In addition, URS is hosting a project web server that displays graphs and instrument readings every hour. This automated integration has been working successfully since July of 2007. Throughout this period, additional instruments have been added to the ADAS. Updates to the data transfer process are made concurrently.


USACE Nashville District


Russell County, KY


Design, Installation and
Operation of ADAS
Instrumentation Automation
Data management
Web Server Hosting
Near Time Real Data Readings
As-built Drawings