URS Corporation is a fully integrated engineering, construction and technical services organization with the capability to support every stage of the project life cycle — from inception through start-up and operation to decommissioning and closure.

Through our network of offices across the United States and in nearly 50 countries, we provide services to a broad range of clients around the world, including United States federal government agencies, national governments of other countries, state and local government agencies in the U. S. and internationally, and private sector clients worldwide representing a wide variety of industries. Our work is focused in four key market sectors: federal, infrastructure, power, and industrial and commercial. Within each of these markets, our comprehensive skills and expertise are a valued resource to clients around the world.

We offer program management; planning, design and engineering; systems engineering and technical assistance; construction and construction management; operations and maintenance; and decommissioning and closure services.

Featured Product

WebIDP is the secure web interface component of our industry-leading data management software, DamSmart, that is provided to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This web portal software enables access to a project's instrumentation data from any web-enabled device.

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Case Study

Wolf Creek Dam ADAS

The USACE contracted with URS to design, install and operate an ADAS to automate more than 80 piezometers on the downstream embankment and on the upstream work platform of the dam.

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