URS Systems Engineering surpasses its competition by providing quality services and cost-effective solutions.

Our company, which is one of the industry’s most well-known water resource pioneers, communicates its objectives by employing customized products. Due to our solid service reputation, we have maintained a steady stream of returning customers from more than 30 countries. Satisfied customers mean repeat business. It’s the perfect win-win situation.

ADAS System

Our Automated Data Acquisition System (ADAS) and system implementation are the most effective tools in today’s industry. We have thoroughly fine-tuned the development of ADAS designs and technical specifications for even the most unique project.

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Remote Video

Imagine a wireless video system composed of multiple cameras, controlling their functions, and viewing the recorded images from wherever you are. That technology is not the future; URS Systems Engineering is making it happen now.

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Early Warning

Infrastructure projects have certain risks associated with their design, construction and normal operations. Early warning systems, combined with the appropriate automated services, lessen the chance of a public safety emergency.

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