URS Systems Engineering is an early warning system leader with design installation and operations and maintenance.

Our dedicated experts have more than 20 years of service with evacuation plans and associated community outreach support.

Early Detection

ADAS efficiently provides notification if a threshold value has been exceeded. If a structure is damaged, then instrument monitoring produces the needed results to assess the problem and plan accordingly. The more time to prepare for the impact, the better since everyone – from off-site operations personnel to the general population – can be ready to face undesirable events.

The Automation Authority

Early WarningWe have developed technology to handle emergencies and sudden significant changes. A created alert system detects a problem, responds accordingly, and reports any safety events. Notification occurs through automated siren warnings or telephone system messaging. URS designed evacuation plans are in place by local authorities.

Once the problem is defined, it is our job to report the situation. All of these activities are achievable thanks to automated data collection and real-time monitoring.

Proven Track Record

Our applications (data entry, data analysis and automatic reports) are crucial when dealing with a potential safety event. We are well versed in all aspects of warning systems and have the experience to handle the most difficult situations.

URS Systems Engineering is a leading provider of viable options for early warning action. We are qualified to enhance safety and maintain security throughout the entire process.

Featured Product

DamNET is the most cost-effective solution to your infrastructure monitoring needs. Our internet-based version of DamSmart is available via your company’s intranet, which means no more software upgrade concerns or time-consuming security issues. If you prefer, we can host your projects for you from our secure hosting facilities.

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Case Study

Wolf Creek Dam ADAS

The USACE contracted with URS to design, install and operate an ADAS to automate more than 80 piezometers on the downstream embankment and on the upstream work platform of the dam.

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