With many infrastructure projects, being continuously on-site (especially in remote areas) is difficult to achieve.

URS Systems Engineering uses high-tech video surveillance cameras to make the entire monitoring process seem like you are here, there and everywhere.

Our specialized design lets you control all strategically-placed cameras from any network location. The system gives you the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom your view. Once you capture the images, you then have the capability to watch your pre-recorded surveillance videos on the internet or intranet any time you wish to review the site conditions.

Convenient Solutions

Remote VideoWhether you want preset views of the most common areas or in-depth coverage of a specific region, remote video answers your needs. The system, which houses outdoor cameras in all-weather protected gear, uses both rugged hardware and wireless video that does not require special licensing. This gives operational management the opportunity to make frequent analyses, oversee precise assessments, and handle safety consequences.

Added Character

Remote video is essential to an infrastructure project’s quality control. It creates a safe, reliable element where environmental or construction occurrences are random. In keeping with regulatory policies and procedures, the web-based surveillance system promotes real-time monitoring and data treatment. The site’s need for a maintenance program is instrumental in situations where being prepared for emergencies is a must.

URS promotes engineering and quality control services based on years of service. With video camera assistance, we can identify potential risks, determine safety issues and protect valuable assets … all through technically keen methods.

Featured Product

In response to the growing need for specialized instrumentation and ADAS software, URS' early DamSmart program led to the development of WinIDP/WebIDP, our industry-leading instrumentation data management software.

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Case Study

Hoover Dam Bypass Project

URS designed a wireless blast monitoring system to record the levels of ground movement during the blasting operations at the base of each of the bridge pier locations.

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