Experience the difference as you maneuver through our DamNET software.

There are plenty of opportunities to configure each and every project, so feel free to transform your program. You can enter, edit and import data, view or print reports, and run multiple plots … all requiring only basic Microsoft Internet Explorer software to work.

URS Systems Engineering invented DamNET in response to a real challenge:  the need for personalized software that operates on a company’s own intranet or is hosted on URS’ web server. Either option provides the same benefits of full automation for collecting and processing the instrumentation data.

The power of DamNet encompasses many facets. The program essentially reduces the manpower hours it takes to collect and evaluate data. In addition, the data’s quality and consistent nature is improved by the system’s technology. Further strengths involve real-time feedback from the automated monitoring system, and that translates to safer working conditions and incremental risk reduction.

Embrace the security of knowing your data and computers are operating smoothly. We invite you to enter our worry-free DamNET zone backed by years of expertise, solid technology and industry-tested solutions.

Featured Product

DamNET is the most cost-effective solution to your infrastructure monitoring needs. Our internet-based version of DamSmart is available via your company’s intranet, which means no more software upgrade concerns or time-consuming security issues. If you prefer, we can host your projects for you from our secure hosting facilities.

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Case Study

Hoover Dam Bypass Project

URS designed a wireless blast monitoring system to record the levels of ground movement during the blasting operations at the base of each of the bridge pier locations.

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