Automated Instrumentation

Automated instrumentation is key when monitoring infrastructure performance, and that’s where DamSmart shines. Our leading software application, combined with a powerful ADAS, provides strong industry expertise and far-reaching results.

Whether your project needs ongoing performance monitoring or an early warning system, DamSmart stands ready to serve as your single data source protector for surveillance information. Since its inception, DamSmart has built a proven track record focusing on reduced labor costs and improved security. Our industry presence is currently in place at more than 400 dams throughout the world.

Your Intelligent Resource

DamSmart handles a variety of tasks — everything from data collection and reduction to reporting and plotting — for large utility and public agencies that use our system to assess dam performance. For nearly a century, URS has continued to provide the tools you need to make each infrastructure project a success. It’s who we are and what we do.

A Captive Audience

Our team of experts oversees many projects including bridges, buildings, dams and levees, highway embankments, landfills, railroads and tunnels. Clients rely on our technical support and customized services for accuracy, quality and ingenuity. They feel safe with our efforts; we feel secure with our systems.

Integration Made Easy

DamSmart enlists a wide array of technology to get your project up and running. Networks are configured to enable your specific project and make integration simple. Remote wireless video camera systems monitor elements of your project for off-site viewing and alerts. And web-based graphics and reporting systems display results that are understandable to our clients. URS Systems Engineering has designed these systems to simplify your job while we supervise all activities. The information can be sent to your smartphones and tablets to keep you up-to-date while you’re away from the office.

Featured Product

DamSmart is a comprehensive data management system designed to monitor dams, tunnels and various civil infrastructure. Our single source database program offers uncompromised security while adhering to dam safety practices and regulatory compliance requirements.

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Case Study

Bluestone Dam ADAS

URS is currently integrating the Bluestone Dam ADAS instrumentation data with the Huntington District's WinIDP data management system.

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