In response to the growing need for specialized instrumentation and ADAS software, URS’ early DamSmart program led to the development of WinIDP/WebIDP, our industry-leading instrumentation data management software for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

USACE uses our WinIDP software to integrate instrumentation data and make it accessible to USACE end users on WebIDP and/or project web portals. WinIDP database software will accommodate the storage and analysis of data from both manually read instruments and automated instruments.

For ADAS instrumentation systems, the automated data integration process generally involves the creation of a new project in WinIDP with instrument types and instrument ID definitions that correspond to the instrumentation network at the project site. We then configure the ADAS datalogger software at the project site to automatically output an instrumentation data file in the WinIDP data import format. The datalogger software creates the output file at the desired time interval (once an hour, once a day, etc.). The WinIDP software automatically imports the data file into the WinIDP database from a specified network or local drive location. In cases where the WinIDP host database is located at a District office, file transfer protocol (FTP) software can be configured to periodically transmit the data files from an ADAS at a project site to the District office.

URS has a full-time staff of programmers, systems analysts, database specialists and GIS specialists with experience in database design, database management, web application development and graphic systems for geo-engineering applications. Over the last 20 years we have developed numerous relational databases using a variety of database management software including Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle. We have provided support to numerous customers in USACE, the electric utility industry, the mining industry for building and deploying new instrumentation databases, adding projects to existing databases, building project-specific reporting and plot outputs, and designing and implementing custom software solutions.

We offer turnkey, comprehensive data management services to meet the needs of our clients. We provide support for the entire data management life-cycle, including data acquisition, data storage/archiving, data analysis, output of tabular reports, output of graphs/plots, GIS integration and publishing of data to the web.

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Web Portals
At URS, our team of skilled programmers and data management technicians have years of experience designing, developing, hosting and managing web portals in support of web-based near real-time monitoring of civil infrastructure.

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Case Study

Bluestone Dam ADAS

URS is currently integrating the Bluestone Dam ADAS instrumentation data with the Huntington District's WinIDP data management system.

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