At URS, our team of skilled programmers and data management technicians have years of experience designing, developing, hosting and managing web portals in support of web-based near real-time monitoring of civil infrastructure.

The key to our success with these websites is our experience with the integration of ADAS instrumentation systems, WinIDP instrumentation databases and WebIDP web-based software. We often provide custom web programming to meet the specific requirements of your projects.

In addition, we frequently integrate snapshot or video imagery from surveillance cameras installed at project sites, and develop algorithms for automated analysis of instrumentation data and display of alarm status on web portals.

Featured Product

In response to the growing need for specialized instrumentation and ADAS software, URS' early DamSmart program led to the development of WinIDP/WebIDP, our industry-leading instrumentation data management software.

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Case Study

Hoover Dam Bypass Project

URS designed a wireless blast monitoring system to record the levels of ground movement during the blasting operations at the base of each of the bridge pier locations.

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