WebIDP is the secure web interface component of our industry-leading data management software, WinIDP, made available to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This web portal software enables access to a project’s instrumentation data from any web-enabled device.

WebIDP InterfaceInstrumentation data from the ADAS at a project is integrated using a WinIDP project database and is then made available through a secure project web portal with an integrated WebIDP interface. WebIDP is the secure web interface used by USACE end users to access their instrumentation data from their office computer or in the field through any web-enabled device. The web portal is configured to display instrumentation data, safety alerts, time series charts and video camera images of a project.

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Web Portals
At URS, our team of skilled programmers and data management technicians have years of experience designing, developing, hosting and managing web portals in support of web-based near real-time monitoring of civil infrastructure.

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Case Study

Wolf Creek Dam ADAS

The USACE contracted with URS to design, install and operate an ADAS to automate more than 80 piezometers on the downstream embankment and on the upstream work platform of the dam.

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