Even with the industry’s most technologically advanced systems and tools on your side, it takes education to make it all work correctly.

URS Systems Engineering hosts various training sessions to teach our clients about their customized system and its array of powerful options.

System instruction and practice make the program’s benefits comprehensible. We cover everything – from software and tools to maintenance and operations – in our tutelage. Helpful tips reduce the learning curve and ensure proper instrument configuration. Our job is to familiarize you with the information. Once we provide that guidance, it is easier to tackle the system.

URS Systems Engineering tailors an approach to best serve your company.

Whether through team training, one-on-one instruction, or specific hands-on operations. We sharpen your skills so you can manage structural monitoring data and all of its many facets. Training also covers the following:

  • Software installation
  • Project creation/selection
  • Project configuration (i.e. instrument types, monitoring and collection groups, etc.)
  • Database maintenance
  • User list management
  • Data entry/edit/import
  • Plot and report generation

We provide the necessary information you need to make our system run smoothly. We lay the groundwork, helping you understand each and every phrase. Future projects benefit from your knowledge so you can achieve even the most widespread results from your training practice.


Featured Product

In response to the growing need for specialized instrumentation and ADAS software, URS' early DamSmart program led to the development of WinIDP/WebIDP, our industry-leading instrumentation data management software.

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Case Study

Hoover Dam Bypass Project

URS designed a wireless blast monitoring system to record the levels of ground movement during the blasting operations at the base of each of the bridge pier locations.

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